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Yvonne Douglas


“I have been seeing Judy as my counselling supervisor for well over a year now and it has been like a breath of fresh air. Her ability to be the third eye in my counselling relationships has been remarkable, enabling me to see things from a different perspective, especially when clients appear to be stuck and somewhat reluctant to take ownership of their own healing journey. Judy has also been excellent in helping me see my strengths more, as it can be so easy to downplay myself at times. Judy challenges me not just to be a better counselor but a better entrepreneur recognising all my skills and talents and how they can benefit others on a larger scale. In addition, when working within an organisation Judy has assisted me in seeing my worth, deal with relationship dynamics with colleagues and helping me to stand in my power whether others feel insecure or not. Her warm nature, wisdom and years of experience all go hand in hand in enabling me to feel confident and fulfilled in the work I do. I would highly recommend Judy as a counselling supervisor.”